Thursday, August 17, 2006

It took a long time!

Hi, everyone! What's up? I came back to Japan. It was really a long trip. on August 12, I got on a train at 6:00 and left Norwich, where was my 2 week hometown. I arrived at Heathrow AP. around 9:00. I was so surprised that there were long lines to check in. At last I could get on an airplane about 12:00. I was sure my flight was scheduled at 1:00 p.m. but actually the plane took off at 3:30!! I was absolutely shattered. BUT now I'm at my house and thinking about what comes next. Each of us will be back to each routine soon but we were charged in Britain!! I'm sure we can do it well. Don't you think so?

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

My strange feeling

Hi! I'm a Japanese student from Sendai, Japan. I've been here about 10 days and been studying about "creativity in the classroom". I'm studying in a really international class. Everyone's so nice and I've been inspired by them! If I've become 'creative', it's because of you, my friends! But you know, my Norwich time is running out. Friday is our last school day and the next day, very early in the morning on Saturday, I will leave Norwich for Japan. Now, I'm looking forward to packing my stuff into my suitcase, and at the same time, I have a feeling such as I'd like to study just a little bit more in Britain. Do you understand this strange feeling. Actually, if I had more extra time, I would stay a couple of days more because I know that I will be in my routine work and rush into working... Anyway, I'm sure I've had a great experience in Britain. I'd like to say 'Thank you very much' to everyone who has supported me a lot when I was in a perfect storm! Ta!

signing in

I've finally managed to sign in:):)

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Inspiration from different sources

To inspire creativity, here are 50 ideas of products to get you thinking!(from the paper on Sunday)

And here's another attempt to show you that 'arty' building that I visited last week.

Monday, August 07, 2006

the singing postman

On Saturday evening, anne marie and I had the opportunity to see a play - and listen to catchy songs - in the castle gardens, and to be confronted with the Norfolk accent. It was surprinsingly understandable (unless it is just that we are so talented and clever, and that's my favourite version). On this occasion, the British turned out to be very organised, having all brought a picnic bag with plastic glasses, bottles of wine, crisps, salad, bread or fruit (did I really see someone eating chips or am I just being obsessed???). Well, it all took place in a very relaxing, friendly and pleasant atmosphere, which convinced me once again, if need be, how great the British are!.

Are the British girls "coldproof"?

If you have ever gone out on a Friday or Saturday night in Britain, no doubt you know what I'm getting at. You must have noticed that, it being fair, raining, hailing or snowing, most British girls, maybe nostalgic of their good old school uniforms, wear the same clothes: a strap top, a miniskirt and high-heel sandals (which at least proves their tremendous sense of balance, even after a few pints!). Of course I've tried to think up a few hypothesis to explain how no pneumonia epidemic has hit Britain so far:
1. alcohol heats the blood
2. The British are genetically "coldproof"
3. pretending not to be cold produces some chemical reactions in the brain and body, which in turn produce efficient antibody against most illnesses
4. Due to the climate changes, every British girl is surrounded by her own very local microclimatic zone

...Not very convincing, is it? Well, feel free to make your own suggestions, we might find the right explanation...

Saturday, August 05, 2006

How was your weekend?

So glad to see some of you posting here. Relieved the emails worked eventually!
Can I recommend a small exhibition I went to at the Assembly Rooms? It's some poems which have inspired needlework art. I found it very inspiring and kind of old-fashioned but in a good way. I think it's on til 8th August. And the Assembly Rooms are a good place for a traditional afternoon tea.
I'm still pondering about the potato question! It's not as easy as it first appears.
Hope you have been collecting some good examples of our strange language for discussion on Monday, not to mention our strange culture.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Are chips vegetables?

This highly philosophical question, which sometimes prevents me from sleeping, can probably be related to the culture shock we mentioned in a previous lesson. According to some French prejudices, the Belgian are supposed to eat chips all the time, which I can assure you we don't do. Anyway, when we eat some, we mainly eat them as a side dish, with meat or fish and vegetables, NEVER with pasta, rice, pizza, baked potatoes or other "carbohydrates". So do the British consider chips as vegetables like tomatoes, courgettes or the famous green peas? Do I miss anything not eating chips with my spaghettis? Please let me know and help me to sleep better!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Guided walk

I found yesterday's guided walk around the City Center really interesting. At the end of the walk we had a drink at 'Adam and Eve', the oldest pub in Norwich and a really nice place you can't miss!

Minibus experience

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy the jouney on the minibus although I get sick every time. It is always quite an adventure : forgetting people, people who have to sit on the floor, balls rolling out of the bus, people forgetting their homestay address, people not understanding Brian ...