Monday, August 07, 2006

Are the British girls "coldproof"?

If you have ever gone out on a Friday or Saturday night in Britain, no doubt you know what I'm getting at. You must have noticed that, it being fair, raining, hailing or snowing, most British girls, maybe nostalgic of their good old school uniforms, wear the same clothes: a strap top, a miniskirt and high-heel sandals (which at least proves their tremendous sense of balance, even after a few pints!). Of course I've tried to think up a few hypothesis to explain how no pneumonia epidemic has hit Britain so far:
1. alcohol heats the blood
2. The British are genetically "coldproof"
3. pretending not to be cold produces some chemical reactions in the brain and body, which in turn produce efficient antibody against most illnesses
4. Due to the climate changes, every British girl is surrounded by her own very local microclimatic zone

...Not very convincing, is it? Well, feel free to make your own suggestions, we might find the right explanation...


  • At 9:02 am, Blogger Annema said…

    I'd rather think we haven't been able so far to find out where they buy that special 'Friday night uniform' which seems to be 'coldproof'. I wonder why, though, they haven't been able to make it a bit attractive or am I that out of touch?

  • At 12:31 pm, Blogger Sharon said…

    This is something that has puzzled me too! No explanation, I'm afraid.
    It's even more amazing in the middle of winter.


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